Catoo Partners

"As I established a new consulting practice, Gabi created the brand identity, including a logo, style, color palette, icons, templates and more.  Her business acumen is solid, creative aesthetic stellar, ability to deliver unquestionable. Working together was a pleasure and truly a great partnership, producing work that others in my field consistently praise."

Judy Levine, President

CHALLENGE: Design a brand identity for Catoo Partners. Catoo Partners helps companies blend social impact and business success.  Catoo Partners builds and scales programs that apply corporate resources to social issues, in partnership with nonprofits. 

APPROACH: Search for a clear distinctive brand voice that combines business savvy with social consciousness, emphasizing partnership and growth. 

OUTCOME: A distinctive on-target brand identity that is easy to use,  flexible and inviting. 

DELIVERABLES: Logo, Brand, Style guide, Website, Powerpoint template, Letterhead, Business card, Custom icons. * all images are placeholders.

Team members: April Houson.