STANLEY Healthcare Corporate Website

"We built a better site that will increase visits and durations, create more interaction and lead capture opportunities."

Shannon McGinnley, Director Marketing Communications, STANLEY Healthcare

CHALLENGE: Consolidate STANLEY Healthcare's 5 existing company sites into a single site,  fundamentally re-think the information structure and navigation, and design the new site as the flagship expression of the new STANLEY Healthcare global brand. 

APPROACH: Using detailed personas to optimize for each user type, rich content, and building on the new brand direction, we designed a distinctive, user-centric experience that communicates the unified solution STANLEY Healthcare offers. 

OUTCOME: We designed a powerful easy-to-navigate site that beautifully showcases STANLEY Healthcare rich integrated solutions and strengthens the STANLEY healthcare brand. The mega menu and cross pollination approach to information architecture enable users to easily access any part of the wide solution range offered. 

ROLL: Lead UX and Visual designer

Team members: Kluk & Millan Adverstising