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I’ve been designing brand experiences for technology companies for over 10 years, working with a range of companies from startups to enterprises. I deliver smart design systems based on solid brand strategy, to create unique and engaging experiences. 

As a customer centric designer, I collaborate with writers and developers to tell stories that resonate. I find the best way to match what customers need to know with what businesses offer.

I apply my design, illustration and marketing skills to the complete content creation continuum: from concept to design to promotion. Deliverables can include long-form content, infographics, illustrations, web experiences, short animated videos, social media ads, and presentations. I am happy to work on one-off projects all the way to developing robust design systems.

I’m curious, easy to work with, a good listener, collaborative and strategic in my approach to design.

For more info check out my Linkedin page.

If you'd like to discuss a project, or just say "hey", email me at gabr67@gmail.com

Gabi Klasuner-Abrahamson
Berkeley CA